Michel Associates Ltd. specializes in real estate and financial services including the private placement of Federal Housing Tax Credit limited partnerships to both individual and corporate investors.

Our $1.1 billion investment portfolio is comprised of 359 Tax Credit properties consisting of over 13,000 apartment units located throughout 43 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Our goal is to minimize our client’s investment risk and maximize their investment return while providing the highest degree of service and quality. Since our inception, we have successfully specialized in smaller to mid-sized, subsidized tax credit properties averaging approximately 36 units and $4.0 million of equity investment.

Our strategy

  • Invest in smaller to mid-size properties with shorter construction periods resulting in faster delivery of LIHTC
  • Invest in properties in stable economic areas with various Federal, State or Local Government subsidies to ensure ongoing economic viability
  • Close and asset manage these properties efficiently and economically
  • Consistently deliver above market yields to our investors